May 17-19 | All 'Bout Town

Sarah says... 

It's 'Bout trying new things:

Here is the thing—we don’t always know what we like. The Tri-Fun Experience Pass is all about trying something NEW!! For REAL, 19 things to do at 17 different locally owned entertainment businesses!

Atomic City Roller Derby is a PRIME example. What could be enticing about skaters going in circles? Turns out – a lot. Roller derby is fast-paced athleticism (in personality showcasing uniforms) for tough-as-nails competitors. It isn’t gruesome like WWF wrestling or mean-girl inspired pom-pom chicks. It is a legit sport! Do you know the rules? Come check out the home bout this Saturday The antics are highly entertaining, and it's included on your Experience Pass.

Bout | a spell or period of activity. ie: roller derby or boxing. 

Speaking of trying new things, have you been?

Plus, Wine and More is literally across the street and open until 8pm. Europa is down the street and open a little later.  Both restaurants are on the Tri-Fun Dining Pass (BOGO meals at either) and will have cold beverages and dinner (before or after the bout.) Or… Just saying, what if you drop your teens at roller derby and have a quiet dinner date?  Happiness Everywhere.