Nominate a Teacher Today!

Tri-Fun is all about OUR community. We love to encourage LOCAL business, families and culture. What’s more local than our school teachers?

They teach our children about more than just reading and math.

A large number of high school graduates leave the Tri-Cities after high school and a lot come back after college to build a life. Many return as teachers, and these teachers share their own experiences of growing up here. They might remember the area before there was a shopping mall or when ‘Kennewick Man’ was discovered. They can relate to the unique and wonderful qualities of the area.  Plus, their time outside of the region brings ideas, provides exposure and creates a special appreciation of our area. These teachers also welcome new colleagues into town. They frequently become a ‘second family’ and mentor new teachers to become role models. Together, they help to instill local pride in their students.

They reach children of different backgrounds and find local assistance for students in need. Sometimes that need is a hug or help transitioning and making friends. Sometimes that help literally comes out of a teacher’s own pocket for a kid that needs a coat. Maybe it’s help with learning disabilities or dealing with emotional issues. And occasionally teachers have the sad and terrible job of helping students who could be in danger of being harmed.

We know we have great teachers in our area and we want to celebrate the difference they’re making locally. We’re giving away 9 Tri-Fun Gift Cards to teachers in the Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco school districts. Any grade! You can nominate a teacher on our Facebook Page. (Gift cards can be used for either a Dining Pass OR an Experience Pass.)

Maybe that awesome teacher is creative and would enjoy a fun watercolor class at Wet Palette, or invite fellow teachers out for a friendly game at Red Dot Paintball.

I mean let’s be honest – you know they need dinner out after teaching your kids all day! A trendy meal at Frost Me Sweet Bistro, the comfy booths at Isla Bonita, the quiet elegant dining at Apollo, or Emerald of Siam after 9 pm (no minors). Maybe they'll invite YOU out to a nice dinner to say THANKS for nominating them!

Hurry and nominate them today!