August 9 & Beyond | Fun & Food Besides the Fair?


Last week I nagged at you to get out and do those quintessential summer activities before it is too late.  Example, Richland Farmer’s Market.  I’ve waited for the ‘best of the season’ tomatoes, yet today – there is rain!  I should have done it weeks ago instead of sloshing through mud puddles today to find vegetables. Take a lesson from me and stop procrastinating.  Before you know it, it’ll be 'fair week' and then back to school. 

My kids dread the start of school – I dread the fair. We’re lucky to have such a wonderfully produced local fair but it is admittedly hot and dusty and it tests my self-control.  Just how much junk food can I eat and money can I part with before I’m terribly ill?
Instead, this year I’m teaming up with another mom.  She is taking all the kids to the fair and I’m taking all the kids for activities with my Tri-Fun Passes.  SCORE!
With so many fun things to do and see I’m letting the kiddos make the final plans.

We didn’t read much this summer so a little fun mixed with education will make ME feel better.  They can choose between The Reach and East Benton County History Museum. Each have hands on exhibits for all ages, easy parking and super reasonable rates for the extra kids that I don’t have Tri-Fun Experience Passes for. I figure either location will keep them busy for an hour and a half.  They’ve been to both before but a portion of the exhibits change frequently so there is something new regardless.

Clearly, they’re going to beg for ‘restaurant food’ so afterward I’ll take them for a meal. There are many places to use your Tri-Fun Dining Pass that have live music for minors, even on weekdays.  Emerald of Siam, 4th Base Pizza, Mezzo Thai Fusion, Kimo’s, and Wine & More all regularly have local musicians.  Call ahead for the latest info and follow them on Facebook.

So – what’s the estimated damage? 
4 kids, 1 adult.  Estimated admission tickets  $5 each = $25  BUT 3 free with Tri-Fun Experience Passes.
Save $15, Spend $10
4 kids, 1 adult.  Estimated food & drink   $15 each = $75  BUT 1 entrée is free with Tri-Fun Dining Pass.
Save $15, Spend $65
Total Savings $30 – Spent $75 for 5 of us to have great local experience and meal!
Some people love the fair but if that’s not you, there is still plenty of fun & food around town!

As always, check out all of our Tri-Fun Experience and Dining Venues at