Fall Favorites | August 23

This fall marks nearly 9 months since the soft roll-out of Tri-Fun’s Dining Pass and enhanced Experience Pass.  We’re excited to reach even more Members and additional locally owned and operated businesses.

We regularly review which locations see the most Tri-Fun usage (Foodies reigns supreme) and we love to hear about your favorites too (Kimo's has a near cult-like following).  

Whether you like Tri-Fun for the discounts (where else can you find deals for Red Dot Paintball), you want to support local business or to try new things (like glass blowing at Glass Punty)- we want your help.  What are we missing? Example: we know you LOVE Europa but do we need more Italian options?

Do you know a hidden gem that we can share? Have you met business owners that need a ‘lil extra exposure? Folded Pizza Pie has told us several times they're thankful for a fresh way to reach more customers (for free)!

Maybe you have a genius idea we never thought of?

We look forward to growing and hearing from you.  Send us your comments and ideas. 

Thanks for embracing Tri-Fun and affordable local flavor and culture!

Help us spread the word; Eat! Play! Go!