It's more than just saving money.

Tri-Fun provides more than just financial savings

You’ve probably heard that eating meals as a family is beneficial. Does it really matter? Do you sit down together only for holidays and special occasions? This isn’t a judgement – heck we all have busy schedules. Between work, my kids’ activities and my reticence to even enter a grocery store, we don’t sit down for dinner without phones or televisions much either.

But, study after study shows that the physical, mental and developmental benefits of eating together are staggering. Children who eat with their families consume a greater variety of food, have lower rates of obesity and better vocabularies. Not surprising, kids that eat with their parents regularly are closer to them. Want to know what they’re up to or if you should be worried about their new friends at school? Share a meal and see what they share with you!

Of course, it doesn’t have to be dinner. Saturday lunch or Sunday Brunch (Have you been to The Village Bistro for brunch?) are also great times to connect as a family. Maybe you’re crazy morning people and can sit down for breakfast every day (without being grumpy?)

Giving your kids your undivided attention around the table teaches them table manners, how to behave in a group and makes memories. While sharing a meal everyday would be amazing – start with a realistic goal. Whether you can do 3 days or all 7, make a plan to prioritize mealtime. A dinner out (with your Tri-Fun Dining Pass at R.F. McDougall's, 4th Base Pizza, Tumbleweeds, or Isla Bonita) is the perfect way for busy families to keep the meal momentum going and enjoy time together!