July 26-29 | Have Visitors?


Our owner loves to share her passion for Tri-Fun by explaining that very few people visit (or live in) a city and recount for decades their amazing meal at a nationwide chain.  More likely, your fondest memories involve a unique place that is special to the local community.  Whether it’s staffed with 3 generations, uses ingredients from a nearby farm or a darling hole-in-the-wall where they know your drink; Tri-Fun is all about sharing THOSE restaurants and experiences! 

Did you know you’ll find Gus, the owner of Europa, preparing your meal himself? Tim, the owner of RedDot Paintball, may be the first one to greet you out at the course and Megan, owner of Frost Me Sweet, personally checks every beautiful treat they bake. We have amazing entrepreneurs in the Tri-Cities and we vet each business that participates in Tri-Fun. I can recommend every one of them! However, since you can’t visit all 40 right off the bat, I’ll suggest a few to start with. Do you have guests visiting the Tri-Cities or maybe you’re just ready to explore your own backyard? I have ideas you’ll treasure long after the weekend.

The boat races oddly bring a lot of people from the west side of Washington. They realize the boats literally race there the following weekend right? And, you know what is hit and miss in Seattle?  Mexican food.  I hate to admit it, I’m a native but I never visited Isla Bonita until a year ago.  They’ve been around for DECADES.  It’s on Jadwin In Richland.  The interior is darling, the staff even better and the food, PERFECT.  I’m pretty sure you’ll love it too. Great for groups (especially out of town folks that don't have yummy Mexican Restaurants), accommodating staff and just the type of meal you can remember, without cringing over the bill, for years to come. Of course get your best value by using your Tri-Fun Dining Pass.

What else creates happy memories? Sugar. A trip to Baum’s House of Chocolate for ice cream and hand-crafted truffles is a great way to support a local business and get a taste of the Tri. While you're there, be sure to ask Mindy about their upcoming chocolate classes you can attend for free with your Tri-Fun Experience Pass.

After all this food, I highly recommend a little exercise.  No better way to get your heart pumping and see the city than Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop.  I’ve nagged at you for months to go rent a bike (free with your Experience Pass) and explore.  You may even be able to ride down to the Kennewick levy and sneak a peak at the boats from outside the ticketed race area.  You can’t do that with a car!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend.

As always, check out all of our Tri-Fun Experience and Dining Venues at Tri-Fun.com