June 21-23 | Grub, Guts and Glory


Local Glory!

Tri-Fun is all about LOCAL. We love the unique experiences and restaurants in the Tri-Cities and nothing makes me as happy as seeing a local business celebrate their anniversary. If you haven’t stopped into Wine & More in South Kennewick in the last week—or ever—there is no time like this weekend. They have specials and fun things planned Friday and Saturday. Call for details and ticket info to their live music both evenings. 509-582-0120  Congrats Wine & More!

School’s Out for Summer

Yep, its only week one! I know in addition to my regular job, I spent an unusually large amount of time this week being a chauffeur, personal chef, activities coordinator, and maid. We literally have months before the kids go back to school. Keep it together with a night out! Experience Pass? Dining Pass? Or maybe you need both a meal AND a fun night out with the Date Night Package (2 Experience Passes and 1 Dining Pass at a discounted price.) 

Beach Body                                       

Two options – a better diet or more exercise. I need a little of both... ugh.

Salads. Nearly every restaurant on the Tri-Fun Dining Pass has them. Have a favorite? From the Sailor Man at Frost Me Sweet  to the Yum Yai at Emerald of Siam to a classic Shrimp Louie from Village Bistro, enjoy BOGO summer salads at Tri-Fun restaurants and stop bursting outta your swimsuit. Hint – clearly be careful of high calorie condiments and toppings. Excessive amounts of cheese, dressing and fried goodness can derail all the positive impact of fresh veggies.

Need an excuse to get out there and get moving? Red Dot Paintball has you running to stay ‘alive’ and hide from the competition (or your family.) Both laser tag and paintball are great ways to get your heart racing. Perfect for school age kids and up. Call them for the daily schedule 509-820-3730. Don't forget, it's free one time with your Tri-Fun Experience Pass.

Maybe you want something a bit more low key? The Wheelhouse Community Bike Shop in downtown Kennewick is now on the Tri-Fun Experience Pass. Rides begin each Saturday at 9am and leave from the shop, taking a family-friendly slow roll for 8-12 miles. All Wheelhouse rides are No Drop rides, which means that the slowest bike sets the pace. Don't be intimidated by the distance; rides are adjusted each time for the group. You don't need a Tri-Fun Pass to participate but you can get a free bike rental (and helmet) with your Experience Pass (call ahead to reserve a bike.)

As always, check out all of our Tri-Fun Experience and Dining Venues at Tri-Fun.com!