Mom Boss | August 16


I truly want my kids to have beautiful summer memories. I know I’m lucky to accompany them on adventures around town and I’m thrilled when our interests all intersect. But with just one week of summer left, I’m ready to be Mom Boss and we’re doing what I want! 

First, Fast & Curryous! Despite what my kids might think – the menu isn’t all spicy. I’m sure my kids will love their yummy food (especially the all around favorite Butter Chicken). Plus we can take our lunch for an impromptu picnic by the river.  Us modern moms tend to let everyone have their say before us. But, I want to have curry and darn it – I bought the Tri-Fun Dining Pass so for once, I’m deciding! You can find their daily truck location on their Facebook page.

The other place I’m taking the family is Emerald of Siam.  We’ve been for the lunch buffet, the kids had a blast trying each item and asking about the less common ingredients like bean sprouts and glass noodles – they also consumed an inordinate amount of peanut sauce.  But, we haven’t been for live music in the evening! It’ll be a memorable treat with entertainment while our dinner is prepared, great people watching and… a delicious cold drink for Mom and Dad.  Children are welcome for the early show and if you want to stay for the second set - you can use your Experience Pass for free entry and a complimentary appetizer for your table.  


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