Six more weeks of summer break: Week of July 15


Summer meltdown?

Your kids’ hair is turning green from hours at the pool, they’ve run out of new episodes on Netflix, used countless packs of batteries, and declared that the neighbors’ kids are all ___ (jerks, babies, brats, dorks etc.).  At this point you’re stressed and going broke. 

So, go for it – break out (or purchase) your Tri-Fun Experience Passes (even better—add a Dining Pass so that you can get out of cooking dinner too!) 

Try this easy plan:

Monday:  Gesa Carousel of Dreams includes a free ride, soda and popcorn. Bonus – the splash park, sports fields and indoor gym are right there too. Monday hours 4-7 pm
Tuesday:  Bored middle schoolers? Stop at Golf Universe for mini golf or the driving range and then head to The Village Bistro for a nice lunch. 
Wednesday: Atomic Bowl  for bowling and across the street to Folded Pizza Pie for a yummy calzone 
Thursday: The Reach Museum & tacos at Tumbleweeds. The Dining Pass gives you $20 of food for $10 bucks

Friday: Benton County Historical Society and Museum  and 4th Base Pizza & Wingz Have super energetic kids? Add on the Wheelhouse  and ride a bike from 4th Base to the Museum and back!

And remember school starts August 27th—that is only 6 weeks away! #youcandothismomma

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