Try a Stay-cation this year!


There are numerous benefits to staying in the Tri-Cities when time and/or budget doesn’t permit leaving on a summer vacation. 

First, have you ever had the thankless job of cleaning the car, laundry, and rotting seaside ‘treasures’ after a ‘simple’ trip to the Oregon coast? Prepare yourself – SAND. EVERYWHERE.

Next, do you really want to spend $6,000 in 4 days to take a family of 4 to Disneyland? Yes the pictures are cute, the kids will love parts of it, but you’ll spend 1 day in the airport, come home broke and those tiny people you did all this for will begin to think that if they whine enough, you might spring for Disney World next time.

Camp out in the yardLastly, we live in a REALLY cool region. How about camping in the yard? We have great summer weather, interesting exhibits that showcase our cultural and geographical heritage and wonderful, locally owned restaurants!

So, stop stressing that you need to leave the area. Even life-long residents can find plenty of fresh and exciting summer activities. 

Top Tri-Fun Picks!

  • Every vacation needs a souvenir. Pick a weekend you can try a project at the Glass Punty and/or a class at Wet Palette so you have a fun memento to remind you of the time you just unplugged right at home. Many of the projects are suitable for children and very few require any previous experience.
  • Check out a museum. East Benton County History Museum and The Reach have hands on activities for visitors of any age. Have teenagers that don’t especially want to be with you? Drop them at either of our participating bowling alleys (Spare Time Lanes in Kennewick or Atomic Bowl in Richland) or there’s always Red Dot Paintball – conveniently located by White Bluffs Brewing and the Bluffstop Food Truck.
  • Everyone knows calories don’t count on vacation so how many great Tri-Fun restaurants can you visit in one long weekend? Pro tip – have drinks before dinner on a sunny patio (Europa, Kimo’s, Frost Me Sweet) or slide up to the bar (Isla Bonita  or Mezzo Thai have darling ) and then dine somewhere else. After all, you’re not in a hurry! Maybe you have a sweet tooth? What about going for just a decadent dessert? I’ve always wanted to go to Foodies for that GIANT chocolate cake slice and skip dinner (don’t get me wrong—their entrées are fantastic—but who can eat both?!)
  • You gotta stay up late on vacation! Joker’s Comedy Club and the Emerald of Siam both have fun entertainment past my normal bedtime. I’m going to sleep in the next day anyway, so why not?
  • Lastly, spoil yourself with a little treat!  Maybe that’s a bauble or bottle from Wine and More, a trip down memory lane on the Gesa Carousel of Dreams or gourmet popcorn from Baum’s House of Chocolate. But whatever it is, savor the moments before summer is over!