Become a Tri-Fun Venue

What IS Tri-Fun?

Tri-Fun is a FREE marketing program for locally owned restaurants and entertainment venues. Tri-Fun is owned by WinSome, Inc., an award-winning local brand development and marketing firm. As a Tri-Fun venue, you get high quality graphic design work, marketing, printing, promotional items, social media, and more.

What's the catch?

Tri-Fun venues agree to provide one thing free to Tri-Fun Pass holders. The agreement differs by Pass.

Dining Pass: Each restaurant provides one free entree with the purchase of a second equally priced or lesser entree. Drinks, appetizers, and desserts are not included. We strongly suggest that it's for dine-in customers only to encourage diners to purchase drinks, apps, etc. 

Experience Pass: Each experience venue provides one experience for free one time during the year that their Pass is valid. 

You must remain on the Pass for a minimum of one year. We must receive notification 30 days in advance if you no longer wish to remain a venue so that we can notify Pass-holders that they have 30 days to use your benefit or lose it. If you fail to provide notice or services, there is a $500 penalty fee. 

You must participate in marketing Tri-Fun.

Marketing to new customers is all about engagement, and you are part of that. While your customers know about you, they may not know about the other Tri-Fun venues—and vice versa. We are one big happy community that supports one another!We drive a great deal of traffic via social media. Please like, comment, and share some of our posts! 

You must display Tri-Fun marketing in your restaurant or venue. We provide table tents, table cards, rack cards, slides for your video screens, digital art for your electronic reader boards, small fliers and posters, banners and more. We have the ability to make lots of different things. If what you see won't work in your business, we are happy to work with you. Basically, we market YOU and and you market Tri-Fun.

When a new member purchases an Experience Pass or Dining Pass, they are able to say where they heard about Tri-Fun. If they choose your venue, Tri-Fun will send you $5 per pass sold for helping us promote the program.

Tri-Fun marketing pieces available to you:

  • Tri-Fun window/mirror stickers—low tac vinyl, 2-sided full color stickers
  • Tri-Fun table tents or card inserts for your tables
  • Brochures
  • Laminated fliers or posters (8.5”x11” or 11”x17” in size)
  • Feather flags and sidewalk signs

    Our job is to sell the Passes.

    The Pass sales generate revenue that markets the program. We use a mix of different marketing and advertising tactics and mix it up monthly. You may have seen:
    • Digital display ads on the internet
    • Advertising on on-demand streaming cable stations
    • A variety of ads in  Hometown Values Savings Magazine (30,000 mailed every 6 weeks)
    • Transit ads
    • Social media marketing with boosted posts
    • Text club marketing to Pass holders
    • Marketing packets and paid advertisements with Visit Tri-Cities
    • Community event sponsorships and participation including First Night Tri-Cities, Family Expo, Women in Business Conference, Leprechaun Limbo, and more.
    • Fliers, posters, banners, feather flags, sidewalk signs

    It's easy to get started.

    Let Jane know that you are interested! We'll meet and discuss the program. We'll talk about your offer, collect photos and your logo, and start to build your page on the website. We'll select your unique redemption code, and then prepare your marketing materials.

    When we're ready—within about 2 weeks—we'll sit down with you and your staff to train you on the program. It's very easy to use, and we make sure you and your team are comfortable trying it out. 

    And we launch!